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Can Google tame the law?

By Nick Holmes on December 4, 2009

I recently posted on the FreeLegalWeb blog about Legal Opinions on Google Scholar. This was principally to question the assertion that the new service will empower the average citizen. But there are bigger questions to answer about Google’s ability meaningfully (…)

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Sidewiki – bad idea

By Nick Holmes on October 2, 2009

Google Sidewiki has got many excited, not because it is neat or cool, but because it is a bad idea – something that feels instinctively wrong and that, after not much further thought, clearly is wrong. Sidewiki installs on the (…)

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Meta keywords are a waste of time

By Nick Holmes on September 23, 2009

Google has finally officially confirmed what the SEO community has known for years: it “disregards keyword metatags completely. They simply don’t have any effect in our search ranking”. So, don’t waste any more time on them and don’t be impressed (…)

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Search engine optimisation – a holistic approach

By Nick Holmes on September 5, 2009

First Published in the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers, September 2009. Most users don’t look past the first two or three pages of results returned by a search engine, so understanding and implementing search engine optimisation (SEO) is critical. SEO is (…)

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Lawyer comment spam

By Nick Holmes on February 26, 2009

Denver Personal Injury Lawyer | | | IP: wrote: I really enjoyed your post. I will have to come back again to read some more of them. Dear Sharon I’m so pleased you not only visited my (…)

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Not a plug for Lexis Web

By Nick Holmes on October 17, 2008

Tried out the (US) Lexis Web beta search engine yet? It indexes “important, legal-oriented Web content selected and validated by the LexisNexis editorial staff”, including Governmental agency information (federal, state, local) Informal commentary on legal issues (e.g., blogs specifically for (…)

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Catching up

By Nick Holmes on September 18, 2008

Been away on protracted hols. Quite possible to have kept posting of course, but did not have the inclination. Had I done so, here’s a few things I might have posted about: Martindale-Hubbell Connected In July Robert Ambroggi took an (…)

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Don’t don the black cap

By Nick Holmes on August 20, 2008

A recent post on LexBlog highlights the importance of knowing what you’re doing or what others are doing for you when you seek to boost your Google juice by purchasing links or engaging in “excessive” link exchanges. In his post (…)

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Quick and easy custom search with Google

By Nick Holmes on July 14, 2008

Some 18 months ago Google launched its Custom Search service (still in beta) that enables you to create a custom search engine (CSE) focussing on anything up to 2,000 specified URLs. The rationale is that, despite its undoubtedly sophisticated algorithms, (…)

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Taking the juice out of Google

By Nick Holmes on April 8, 2008

When Google launched it’s Custom Search Engine service 18 months ago, I expected thousands of CSEs to pop up all over. That’s happened, but I’m not aware that any in the areas I monitor have made a mark. Why so? (…)

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