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Social business design

By Nick Holmes on September 10, 2009

“Social business design” is a term you’ve probably not encountered before. I was introduced to it last evening by social computing expert and entrepreneur Lee Bryant at Headshift where I attended an event to explore the themes covered in the (…)

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Social networks – how they work

By Nick Holmes on July 5, 2009

First Published in the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers, July 2009. Facebook has over 200 million users; LinkedIn, the network for business and professionals, has over 40 million; Twitter is all the rage; and don’t forget blogs. Although these services are (…)

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Twitter – is the party over?

By Nick Holmes on June 25, 2009

Has what looked like a great service, populated by eager early adopters with like motivations turned into a service polluted by egotists, marketeers and spam artists? Larry Bodine, questioning the value of Twitter as a marketing tool for lawyers, thinks (…)

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Rivers of …

By Nick Holmes on May 12, 2009

Rest in Peace, RSS – flame bait from Steve Gillmor. It’s time to get completely off RSS and switch to Twitter. RSS just doesn’t cut it anymore. The River of News has become the East River of news, which means (…)

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Martindale-Hubbell opens the doors – just a crack

By Nick Holmes on April 3, 2009

For LexisNexis it’s simple: lawyers want a network developed by legal professionals, for legal professionals, and LexisNexis will provide it. From their recent press release on the launch of Martindale-Hubbell Connected: A survey conducted by Leader Networks in 2008 demonstrated (…)

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Twitter as a feed aggregator

By Nick Holmes on February 12, 2009

A couple of months back OPSI set up a Twitter account for @legislation, feeding it with the OPSI new legislation feeds. That will reach out to a wider audience than the feeds themselves, but I wonder what that wider audience (…)

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#legalitshow anyone?

By Nick Holmes on February 4, 2009

Those like me who are experimenting with Twitter Search should find this post by Steven Feldman of interest. He describes how the hashtag #uksnow evolved from a simple hashtag to one which, with the addition of postcode and snowfall parameters (…)

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Twitter redux

By Nick Holmes on December 17, 2008

In Twitter, the good the bad and the ugly James Mullan poses some of the questions many have in understanding – and extracting – the value of Twitter. Perhaps I should … lower my expectations of what value I’m actually (…)

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Catching up

By Nick Holmes on September 18, 2008

Been away on protracted hols. Quite possible to have kept posting of course, but did not have the inclination. Had I done so, here’s a few things I might have posted about: Martindale-Hubbell Connected In July Robert Ambroggi took an (…)

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Are you LinkedIn?

By Nick Holmes on June 18, 2008

It seems that “serious” social networking – LinkedIn in particular – is now being seriously embraced by the legal profession. Whereas Facebook is probably correctly seen primarily as a place to socialise rather than do business and is full of (…)

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