Who’s driving Gov 2.0?

By Nick Holmes on March 14, 2008
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We’re fortunate to have a new encumbent as Minister for Transformational Government at the Cabinet Office who really gets it – Westminster über-blogger, Tom Watson. His vision is encapsulated in his recent speech at the Transformational Government Event.

And his plans for the immediate future are ambitious:

I see my job as helping you to accelerate the pace of change. Over the next few months, we will be:

  • pushing through the closure of our hundreds of unnecessary websites
  • improving our online content, including minimum standards for the content of remaining websites
  • ensuring that all content held on government web sites is fully accessible to the major search engines
  • embedding data mash-up into thinking across all of government not just the early adopters within departments
  • driving through the cultural change in all our communications that sees the internet, mobile and other new media as the norm
  • ensuring better innovation and much faster implementation. Build stuff small, test it out then iterate, iterate, iterate
  • capturing the skills, talent and energy we need for change – from within the public service and from outside …
  • using new media to engage more directly and more effectively with individuals and communities.