I’m Nick Holmes, a publishing consultant specialising in the UK legal sector and Managing Director of infolaw which offers a range of legal information products and services.

Binary Law focuses on my interest in legal information: how it is authored, edited, managed, processed and published; who uses it, why and what for; its syntax and semantics. And from that to access to law and justice issues.

More broadly it covers digital publishing issues: format, design and style, technologies, marketing, copyright etc – particularly as they relate to publishing by lawyers and those serving the legal industry.

I discovered the web in late 1994, published a website in January 1995 and started writing about it soon after. I have been writing about the legal web since it first came into being in 1995 and I’ve republished those articles as posts in the timeline here.

In December 1995 I was installed as the web columnist for the Solicitors Journal, my “Pages on the Web” appearing monthly. I did not retain these old articles in electronic form. They’ve now been scanned in and republished here in the Nascent legal web category, but are subject to errors.

By late 1996 the legal world had twigged on to the web and I wrote and edited, with Delia Venables, and typeset Researching the Legal Web: a guide to legal resources on the internet. The first edition was published by Butterworths in paperback in May 1997; the second edition was published by Butterworths in paperback in November 1999.

My “Page on the Web” column for the Solicitors Journal ran for six years from December 1995; it was ditched in February 2002 just as I was getting into my stride with an A to Z of the legal web. During this period I also wrote a few articles for other journals. These are all republished here in the timeline and are available via the Pages on the Web category.

I started blogging in February 2004 when there was only a handful of law bloggers. This was a straight newsy blog called “What’s New on the Legal Web” using Blogger. I moved to WordPress in 2006, changing to a more personal blog. You’re here.

From May 2007 I co-edited the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers (INL) with Delia Venables and contributed articles regularly. You can view my author archive there.

We also annually jointly edited and published the Internet for Lawyers CPD service.

At the end of 2019 Delia Venables retired from our co-publishing ventures and I owe her much thanks for the productive decades we enjoyed.

Email me at nickholmes@infolaw.co.uk
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