Why the change?

I never felt entirely comfortable blogging on the corporate (infolaw) website. Was I blogging as the corporate “we” or the individual “I”? Binary Law establishes this blog as my personal voice. It will of course also reflect, though not overtly push, my business interests.

Along with the new identity is the new URL. There is a downside to this – loss of traffic and page rank- but I hope this should be temporary.

I’ve also switched platform from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger simply wasn’t up to the task; WordPress gives me full control over content management and opens up lots of new possibilities.

In terms of layout and design there are thousands of WordPress “themes” to choose from. I’ve initially gone for Modern from Ulf Pettersen – a stylish, simple two-column design.

Over the two years since I started, posts have changed from matter-of-fact legal news and “what’s new on the legal web” items to focus more directly on issues surrounding my interest in the provision of legal information, offering some analysis and comment. I hope you’ll engage and add your own comments.