Clapham Park Road bus lane FOI

FOI: IR176255

[request dated 13/10/2016; response provided 25/11/2016]


Please provide the following statistics and information in respect of the bus lane in Clapham Park Road approaching the Abbeville Road junction for each of the financial years since the implementation of the bus lane:

The number of PCNs issued for being in a bus lane (34J)

The revenue earned from these penalty charges

The number of a) appeals lodged and b) other enquiries received relating to these PCNs

The expenditure on improvements to signage, road layout and road surfacing relating to this bus lane; the dates when these improvements took place and the nature of the improvements




The expenditure details are as follows:-

Date Description Price
02/02/10 Relocate Bus Lane & camera sign to Lamp Column £93
23/03/10 Mark Bus Lane text at start of Bus lane. Install Bus lane sign at entry to taper. Install Bus lane sign at start of Bus lane £251
20/04/10 Install Bus lane sign at the start of entry taper. Install Bus lane sign at the start of the Bus lane £1075.06
23/09/10 Extend Bus lane entry taper to 30m. Install Bus lane arrow. Bus lane text to be remarked. Refresh Lines/text. £282.03
11/10/11 Removal of two bus lane signs. Replace with ‘At Any Time’ Bus lane signs £378.99
27/09/12 Remark Bus Cage, Clearway line and text. £79.09
23/01/13 Reinstate suken carriageway in Bus cage. £271.06
09/06/14 Renew Bus Cage markings £125.43
22/10/14 Renew double kerb markings. £45.50


21/10/15 Refresh faded arrows at start of Bus lane £77.68