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Is there a dark side of the moon? and other questions

By Nick Holmes on October 18, 2013

I’ve been trying to get a handle on Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm update, but with so many self-appointed experts spewing out so much tosh on the web, it’s taken a while to gather my thoughts. One of the most helpful (…)

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This was the entire web 20 years ago

By Nick Holmes on May 1, 2013

More about – the world’s first website.

A letter

By Nick Holmes on October 22, 2009

Today I received a letter! Not a love letter*, nor a middle class thank you note, and not an impersonal business letter, but a thank you letter which sought to maintain and progress a business relationship. What a pleasure! Anyone (…)

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Going to Barbados

By Nick Holmes on June 29, 2008

See you soon.

SEO for dummies

By Nick Holmes on September 20, 2007

Nearly Legal has a thing for Sally Field naked: she boosts his Google juice. His recent rise in the rankings for the said search term was helped by the fact that on Tuesday Sally won the Best Lead Actress Emmy (…)

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Legal webbery 2007

By Nick Holmes on May 18, 2007

It being the start of Blawg 2007 Conference day, I had better post something lest I be castigated there for not doing my homework. A good place to go when you are short of immmediate legal web stimulation is your (…)

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Lawyers are necessary shock

By Nick Holmes on April 13, 2007

Thanks to Kevin O’Keefe for pointing us to the Federal Court of Appeal’s decision that Martindale-Hubbell’s domain name is not sufficiently distinctive to qualify as a trade mark, saying: For better or worse, lawyers are necessarily an integral part (…)

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When all else fails

By Nick Holmes on April 11, 2007

My muse being dormant, I fall back on the blogger’s stand-by, the meta-post: Following cyber-stalking and death threats directed at A-list blogger Kathy Sierra, A-list blogger Tim O’Reilly and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales came up with a proposed Blogger’s Code (…)

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Mind your Rs

By Nick Holmes on March 21, 2007

This on Slaw yesterday about Simon Fodden’s day in the Canadian Supreme Court got me thinking: Justice Charon was using a laptop, the only one of the nine to do so (at least so far as I could see). It (…)

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Was it something I said?

By Nick Holmes on March 12, 2007

I had lunch with Charon on Friday; then he died. It has not made a blind bit of difference. Looks like he will be as prolific from the grave. Perhaps he perked up when he watched the rugby.