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By Nick Holmes on March 16, 2006
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Since January Jolyon Patten of Halliwells has been blogging on insurance and reinsurance matters at Re Risk. This is a continuation of his former blog for Elborne Michell, iNews: Lex in the City. Elbornes appears to have expunged the blog from their site. Not so the Wayback Machine which retains archives to March 2005.

Diary of a Criminal Solicitor is a blog, going since May 2005, from a solicitor doing purely criminal defence work: “I often find myself in utter amazement or red faced with anger working at Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts and even my office. You will find me ranting and raving in this blog about anything and everything that gets up my nose.”

Thanks for the above link to What about Clients? from Dan Hull, a San Diego litigator and lobbyist, who keeps a keen eye on happenings this side of the pond.

There must be many law students blogging. New on my radar is Diary of a law student, blog of “a second year English Law student’s trials through the University of Reading, UK, trying to get that elusive LLB.”

Blogs may come and go, but some just stall; perhaps they have moved on or are just tired of blogging: Feedmelegal last posted November 2005; Sur Mesure (on the intersection of English/French law) last posted October 2005.