OPSI – improved access to legislation

OPSI has significantly improved its access to Acts of Parliament. See, for example the new Pensions Act 2007. The page layouts are now fully stylesheet driven, with more accurate layout; and there are options to view a “plain” version (without sidebars) or a “single page” version, presenting the full text on one page rather than split over several pages. The annoying header information has been removed. Other improvements are that references to other Acts are hyperlinked and the Avanced Search page enables one to search via Type, Area (jurisdiction), Date Range and Format. There is an RSS feed for each Act, though what this is intended to achieve is not clear: it delivers links to the various sub-pages – whose titles are insufficiently specific – in apparently random order.

Apart from the latter point, this is an all-round improvement and a significantly better view/copy/print experience for newly-enacted legislation than the Statute Law Database.