2008 – the year of the wiki?

Mark Chillingworth, writing in Information World Review, posts a summary of the Information Industry Outlook 2008 report from analyst Outsell.

STM and legal information providers will achieve growth of $20.9bn between 2007 and 2010 … before experiencing a gradual slowdown. Growth in the sector will be driven not so much by the information, as its integration into workflow, “granting the flexibility to bypass shrinking library budgets,”… The STM market is dominated by Elsevier, followed by Thomson Scientific, Wolters Kluwer and Springer.

Outsell described the news and publishing industry as being “in the most uncomfortable place in its history” due to the high cost of traditional printed newspapers and magazines and slow conversion to online. … 2008 would be “the year of the wiki”, with Web 2.0 technology replacing complex portals and knowledge management, and that a “critical mass of information professionals would take charge of wikis, blogs or other 2.0 technologies on behalf of their organisations”.

The report is a snip at $895.