All in-force legislation now on OPSI

As reported earlier, OPSI is working with SPO to bring the two online legislative services together, to create a single place where visitors can access the widest range of legislative content held by the government alongside supporting material. The first step in this process is to publish a most recent version of revised statutes from the Statute Law Database, using the same style and approach as OPSI has taken to publishing legislation as enacted.

John Sheridan, Head of e-Services at OPSI, now writes that this first step is complete. For an example see the Building Act 1984.

At present the statutes from the SLD on OPSI run up to 1987 and are published in a way consistent with OPSI’s approach to “as enacted” legislation, with a choice of user views.

OPSI are working increasingly closely with SPO as they develop an understanding of what users want and expect.