DIG it

Further to my last post, here’s a Proposed Compromise in respect of Digital Rights vs. Copyright Enforcement based on “a little education, a little guilt, and a little fear”.

The proposer, K Krasnow Waterman, is an independent consultant, advising or providing interim leadership to corporations, government, start-ups and a project building new web technologies at MIT. She is a lawyer and Visiting Fellow at MIT’s Decentralized Information Group (DIG) of which Tim Berners-Lee is also a member.

K has also blogged recently on “accountability appliances” (artificial intelligence as applied to legal and regulatory rules).

The law is a world of intense structure [but] the lawyers valued most highly are not those who are most structured. Instead, it is those who are most creative at manipulating the structure – conjuring compelling arguments for extending a concept or reading existing law with just enough of a different light to convince others that something unexpected supersedes something expected. … an accountability appliance we build now should address the former and not the latter.

High-level stuff for you digital lawyers.