Month: March 2017

How Twitter works

A number of commentators are referring to the Twitter libel case of Jack Monroe v Katie Hopkins [2017] EWHC 433 (QB). In particular, the How Twitter Works appendix has got some excited. The full judgment is now on BAILII and the Appendix is below. You could also check out my effort. HOW TWITTER WORKS 1. […]

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Using a bus lane as a cash cow

Several months back I followed an unfamiliar route across London twice in 10 days. Two weeks after the first incident I received a PCN for driving in a bus lane and 10 days later another one! I could not believe I had inadvertently strayed into a bus lane twice so I googled it. It’s a […]

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Blogging for lawyers in 2017

I wrote this 6 years ago. I can’t see that I would need to update it for 2017. All the talk these days is about social networking. Have you got a Facebook page? Do you Tweet? Are you LinkedIn? But we should not forget that the granddaddy of the so-called social media is blogging and […]

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