How can law firms embrace digital in an age of doubt?

We live in an age where the younger half of the population is almost universally comfortable with the everyday use of digital tech. Because of this, SME law firms need to embrace it, whatever doubts they may have.

Recognising the increasing reliance on digital technology makes perfect sense, as it matches the expectations of a growing segment of the population. However, many in the legal sector have a reluctance to make more use of digital tech.

As was noted by Lawyer Monthly in January, concerns among legal firms relate to issues like GDPR, data breaches and cyber-attacks. These worries cannot be dismissed as simple Luddism; it is important to ask whether each new use of technology is appropriate. For example, tax lawyers and tech experts alike will be aware of the widespread misgivings about the government’s Making Tax Digital Programme.

Indeed, there are deep fears over just how far automation and digitisation will go. Could the future see machines with artificial intelligence putting lawyers out of work? This notion has long been a matter of widespread debate across all sectors of the economy and society, with Bill Gates among those arguing that robots should be taxed to provide incomes to all the people whose jobs automation will supposedly destroy.

However, there is an alternative and more positive way to think about digitisation and technology; it offers new resources that can help facilitate better communication with existing clients and enhanced marketing to potential new ones through content and email marketing. It can use social media platforms to help pick up feedback from customers. Far from putting lawyers out of work, it can help those adopting digital services to grow their business.

That does not mean every solicitor suddenly has to become a computer geek, of course. By partnering with expert providers of digital services, law firms can access the best available expertise in everything from social media to SEO backlinks.

Indeed, by doing so, they can be sure they are in safe hands and are able to concentrate on their own core disciplines while enjoying the benefits of using modern technology.

By communicating better with their customers, making marketing more effective and being more relevant to Generation Z, firms who embrace digital tech will have much to gain over their reluctant rivals.

By Charlie Britten,

Photo from Pixabay.