Personal injury solicitors and claims in Ireland

Whilst many people have heard about personal injury solicitors there are few know what they do, or more importantly, what they can possibly do for you.  Therefore, this page has been written so everyone can get a better idea of what No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors are what their role is, how they should act, and ultimately what they will do for you if you have been injured in an accident or medical negligence.

Can a personal injury solicitor win your Personal injury claim for compensation? According to Irish law, if you are injured or suffered negligence in a medical manoeuvre and it was no fault of your own, you are entitled to claim compensation for the pain and suffering you experience as a result of the injury. You are also entitled to claim compensation for all medical and non-medical expenses related to the injury. A solicitor offering a No Win No fee product is what you are looking for.

You should know that there are three things you and Personal injury solicitors, a No Win No fee solicitors will need to prove for your compensation claim to be successful:

  • That the accident or the medical manoeuvre happened and that it was no fault of yours
  • That the accident happened as a result of negligence or breach of a statutory duty or in the medical context a breach of “Duty of care”
  • That your injuries or harm and the subsequent expenses and losses that you wish to be compensated for occurred as a result of the accident or the breach of “Duty of care”

Once a personal injury solicitor has assessed all this information, details, documents, and statements, and then they can advise you as to whether they can proceed with a personal injury or medical negligence claim for compensation.  Personal injury solicitors can be found at and  will help you in preparing statements that get given to the Injuries Board (PIAB) involved, they will then when the Injuries board recommendation is received they may possibly negotiate with the different parties if the recommendation is rejected and then they will tell you what the best next steps are to take to obtain the best outcome for you.

PISD believe that personal injury is a very serious matter for you and if you have a family, any family and depending on the severity of the injury, it is something that can change your life completely.

Personal injury and medical negligence can involve a vast plethora of not nice consequences from pain and suffering to reduced earnings, loss of present income, loss of potential future income, mounting medical expenses and decline in quality of life. Some of those things that are not nice maybe hopefully temporary, some may be more long term.

With so much at stake for you, it is so important that any personal injury claim for compensation should be handled only by expert professionals which is exactly what Personal injury solicitors are.