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Google is illegal says Brussels

By Nick Holmes on February 14, 2007

Struan Robertson analyses on the Court of First Instance ruling in favour of newspaper group Copiepresse that Google News and Google’s caching of web pages infringe copyright. The Belgian court … ruled that it cannot be deduced that the (…)

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Viacom v. GooTube – who’s evil?

By Nick Holmes on February 7, 2007

The battle for badness rages … From Cory Doctorow on Boing Boing: Viacom did a general search on YouTube for any term related to any of its shows [eg all those Jon Stewart clips] , and then spammed YouTube with (…)

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Will Google strike a fair deal?

By Nick Holmes on February 2, 2007

Welcome to the blawgosphere – and thanks – to Eoin O’Dell, a Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin, blogging at, mainly on contract, restitution, freedom of expression, media, IT and cyber law. He (…)

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Has Binary Law gone nuts?

By Nick Holmes on January 24, 2007

No, it’s a new, lookalike IP blawg. [Update: No longer a lookalike as Binary Law is using a new theme.]

Gowers – IP a priesthood and a playground

By Nick Holmes on December 13, 2006

From The future of intellectual property: Andrew Gowers interviewed on The Gowers Review of Intellectual Property has been broadly welcomed by copyright campaigners. Lawrence Lessig, the godfather of Creative Commons, has labelled research conducted into the economics of copyright (…)

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Pirates or just small-time criminals?

By Nick Holmes on November 29, 2006

Peter Black, an associate lecturer in law at the Queensland University of Technology, hosts this month’s Blawg Review on his Freedom To Differ blog, which focuses on the legal regulation of the internet and the media, providing an extensive selection (…)

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Where culture comes from

By Nick Holmes on November 24, 2006

I can’t do better than quote verbatim from Jack Schofield in the Guardian Technology Blog: Over at Slate, Paul Collins makes the reasonable point that lots of examples of plagiarism may well come to light as more old works are (…)

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Elvis is not going to produce any more recordings

By Nick Holmes on November 7, 2006

In response to the proposed extension of UK copyright for recordings from 50 years to 95 years, Lawrence Lessig blogs on quantifying the value of the public domain pointing to this like-named paper by Rufus Pollock. He also refers indirectly (…)

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Don’t break it when you fix it

By Nick Holmes on October 5, 2006

Time was (last millennium) when every new government department / agency website was newsworthy whatever its utility. Then lots of content was added and content management systems were employed to structure browsing and search. That was all good stuff but (…)

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RSS and the law

By Nick Holmes on September 27, 2006

Kevin O’Keefe recently posted a thought-provoking piece on the Law on using others’ RSS feeds, garnered from an article at EContent: RSS: Use, Lose, or Abuse?. The strict position (in US law, but little different here), as stated by Peter (…)

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Snakes, planes and the law

By Nick Holmes on August 18, 2006

In an unashamed quest for blog popularity I give you a couple of connections between the movie “Snakes on a Plane”, released today, and the law, thanks to CNN (my emphasis added): The Internet hoopla started with a single entry (…)

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Holiday reading?

By Nick Holmes on July 13, 2006

Probably not in there with your Dan Browns, but here’s a some webby books I’ve read recently or plan to (listed oldest first). You could do worse than feed your brain with one of them this Summer. Code: And Other (…)

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Anything but easy

By Nick Holmes on June 30, 2006

Thanks to my fan Charon QC -who crafts his excellent blog without the aid of blogging software -for his kind comments about Binary Law. In the same post he picks up on Geeklawyer’s rant about Sir Stelios (Parental Advisory: includes (…)

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Free Culture

By Nick Holmes on June 14, 2006

I’ve just ordered a nice print edition of Larry Lessig’s Free Culture – per one reviewer (and my snatches of it confirm this) – a “focused, measured argument of the issues around preserving and extending digital creativity”. Many feel it’s (…)

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Sincere flattery or blatant affrontery?

By Nick Holmes on June 6, 2006

Copy theft is rife on the web. There’s so much of it, you have to be selective about what you lose sleep over. Let’s leave aside substantial, deliberate infringements for the time being and look at the lazy copier. You (…)

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