Day: October 5, 2006

Democratising law publishing

Jordan Furlong, who edits the Canadian Lawyers Weekly, posts on Slaw about how blogs and RSS feeds will democratise Legal Publishing in the 21st Century: Legal publishers need to understand that the number of competitors [in legal news publishing] is not going to shrink – it’s going to multiply tenfold. And these competitors won’t have […]

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Don’t break it when you fix it

Time was (last millennium) when every new government department / agency website was newsworthy whatever its utility. Then lots of content was added and content management systems were employed to structure browsing and search. That was all good stuff but with plenty of room for improvement. Many are now repainting their frontages and making those […]

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A wiki law trawl

Head on over to the Wikipedia and you’ll find that there is developing a very useful corpus of entries on UK law. The United Kingdom Law page indicates the scope of the contributions thus far, though you’ll find the structure predictably chaotic. However, there are some more structured starting points – list maniacs are at […]

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