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Blogs vs wikis

By Nick Holmes on April 11, 2008

A chain of people in my orbit seem to agree that a simple test as to when to use a blog and when to use a wiki for collaboration is: one or two people providing content, use a blog; many (…)

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The law wiki dream (2)

By Nick Holmes on January 9, 2008

First published September 2007 in the Legal Web e-book on Legal Information and Web 2.0. Most of us know of wikis primarily through the granddaddy of all wikis, Wikipedia, which provides an immense, user-generated encyclopedia of articles on every conceivable (…)

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Bobbies on the beta

By Nick Holmes on September 27, 2007

I’ve suggested before that one day we might be able to roll our own government on The New Zealand Police are experimenting with just that concept with a Police Act Review Wiki. This joins other wikis launched to encourage (…)

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IP law wiki off the starting blocks

By Nick Holmes on August 3, 2007

Jeremy Phillips has posted on the IPKat about the exciting proposed development of an IP Law Wiki which has already gained some traction with the proposal for funding a feasibility study already under way. Most interesting for me is the (…)

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The law wiki dream

By Nick Holmes on February 27, 2007

First published March 2007 in the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers. Solicitor Steve Butler, who produces the UKLawyers legal newswire, has changed his former opinion that a grand centralised law wiki could be an enormously valuable resource. Having previously been impressed (…)

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The Legal Week community

By Nick Holmes on January 23, 2007

Legal Week now has a trio of blogs with the addition of Legal Village. This is a collection of short articles by high-profile names. Active contributors thus far, with one post each, are: Bill Knight, Master of the City Solicitors’ (…)

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The new internet

By Nick Holmes on November 6, 2006

Web 2.0 is not a technology or even a group of technologies; rather it is a buzzword describing the companies and ideas behind the emergence of a “new” internet built on the participatation of users. “Technology,” a sage once observed, (…)

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Communicate, share, collaborate

By Nick Holmes on October 18, 2006

We talk a lot about public blogs and wikis, so it’s good to get a report of the benefits and potential of their use internally within a large law firm. In the latest issue of Legal Technology Journal from Legalease (…)

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A wiki law trawl

By Nick Holmes on October 5, 2006

Head on over to the Wikipedia and you’ll find that there is developing a very useful corpus of entries on UK law. The United Kingdom Law page indicates the scope of the contributions thus far, though you’ll find the structure (…)

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Centralised or distributed (law) publishing?

By Nick Holmes on June 20, 2006

Steve Butler at UKBlawgers argues for “a central source of legal information which is available to all at a very low price” and suggests a sort of grand law wiki as the solution. Now the wiki is certainly a neat (…)

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Co-operation and community

By Nick Holmes on May 19, 2006

Thanks to Robert Ambrogi for pointing me to two nascent, but nevertheless significant, new US sites: Wiki-Law‘s mission is “to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable world-wide legal guide and resource”. Unlike most wikis I’ve seen, this is not (…)

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Mental health law wiki

By Nick Holmes on April 25, 2006

Another law wiki has just been started by one Jonathan (who he?). Wiki Mental Health is an internet resource on mental health law in England & Wales, primarily for mental health practitioners, to which anyone can contribute. There are currently (…)

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By Nick Holmes on March 24, 2006

WikiCrimeLine is a new project, set up as part of the CrimeLine family of free updating materials. Publisher and WikiCrimeLine Administrator Andrew Keogh says: I wish to take CrimeLine one step further and gather up the extensive knowledge base that (…)

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