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Sidewiki – bad idea

By Nick Holmes on October 2, 2009

Google Sidewiki has got many excited, not because it is neat or cool, but because it is a bad idea – something that feels instinctively wrong and that, after not much further thought, clearly is wrong. Sidewiki installs on the (…)

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Social business design

By Nick Holmes on September 10, 2009

“Social business design” is a term you’ve probably not encountered before. I was introduced to it last evening by social computing expert and entrepreneur Lee Bryant at Headshift where I attended an event to explore the themes covered in the (…)

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Brainstorm on web law at LawCampLeeds

By Nick Holmes on February 5, 2009

Jane Lambert of NIPC (also NIPC Law and @nipclaw) is organising LawCampLeeds on 7 April, which will address practical solutions to legal problems presented by development and use of Web 2.0 andWeb 3.0 technologies. I’m sure all you IP/IT lawyers (…)

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Karaoke anyone?

By Nick Holmes on May 21, 2008

Doug Cornelius has published a great set of slides which he used in his recent presentation on An Attorney’s Perspective on Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0. Have a walk through the slides and see if you can parrot what he (…)

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The Network in 2008

By Nick Holmes on December 17, 2007

This year Web 2.0 came of age. Blogs, wikis, photo sharing, video sharing, social networking, social this, social that, SaaS: all these services have developed at phenomenal pace. In particular, the Facebook craze burst out of its collegiate limitations and (…)

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Web 2.0 for lawyers

By Nick Holmes on November 5, 2007

A much-extended version of this article was published September 2007 in the Legal Web CPD course on Legal Information and Web 2.0. This version was published November 2007 in the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers. What is Web 2.0? The phrase (…)

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By Nick Holmes on October 17, 2007

Here’s a great new Law 2.0 initiative. CaseCheck, headed by Stephen Moore, offers case summaries from the Scottish Courts and EAT, delivered latest-first and also categorised, with RSS feeds. Selected committed users author the summaries; all users can add comments. (…)

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What does Law 2.0 mean to you?

By Nick Holmes on September 19, 2007

Credit is due to the Wired GC for first coining the phrase “Law 2.0” back in December 2005, having posted the week before on Web 2.0, Law Style in which he foresaw that: Web 2.0 will be disruptive for the (…)

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Economics 2.0

By Nick Holmes on September 5, 2007

“Collaboration can occur on an astronomical scale, so if you can create an encyclopedia with a bunch of people, could you create a mutual fund? A motorcycle?” Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams, authors of Wikinomics, think so. Smart companies are (…)

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Law 2.0 gaining traction

By Nick Holmes on August 8, 2007

The discussion about “Law 2.0” has been alive for some time with Dennis Kennedy, Tom Mighell, the Wired GC and other forward thinkers developing their thoughts over the last 18 months. Here’s the collected wisdom they have tagged as Law (…)

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Power to the people (2)

By Nick Holmes on June 29, 2007

The Cabinet Office has responded positively to the independent report it commissioned on the future of government services – The Power of Information (see previous post) – saying that the Government will engage in partnership with user-led online communities, not (…)

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Facing the future

By Nick Holmes on June 26, 2007

Last Friday/Saturday I attended the SCL Web 2.0 conference in Oxford where speakers and panellists included technology lawyers from large practices, lawyers from Web 2.0 companies, a venture capitalist, an academic and our deputy from the ICO. The majority of (…)

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Gov 2.0 – power to the people

By Nick Holmes on June 14, 2007

Around the world, the first phase of Government use of the internet is coming to an end with public services and information largely online. We are now at the start of a new era, where Government starts to learn how (…)

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Information professionals – hip or unhip?

By Nick Holmes on June 7, 2007

LexisNexis has announced the results of a nationwide (US) survey to provide insights into how information professionals are adding value to their organisations through Web 2.0 technology and knowledge management. According to the press release, when respondents were asked, “What (…)

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Is the internet killing our culture?

By Nick Holmes on May 2, 2007

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and polemicist Andrew Keen is kicking up a storm with his views on Web 2.0, soon to be published in his book The Cult of the Amateur: how today’s internet is killing our culture. Leading national media (…)

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