Day: September 19, 2007

What does Law 2.0 mean to you?

Credit is due to the Wired GC for first coining the phrase “Law 2.0” back in December 2005, having posted the week before on Web 2.0, Law Style in which he foresaw that: Web 2.0 will be disruptive for the [law status quo], because some measure of control will be lost. And its simple technical […]

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Christopher Knight is hacked off: Viacom took a video that I had made for non-profit purposes [and posted on YouTube] and without trying to acquire my permission, used it in a for-profit broadcast. And then when I made a YouTube clip of what they did with my material, they charged me with copyright infringement and […]

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An open or shut case

LawLink (.com) is a LinkedIn copycat exclusively for US attorneys whose mission is to help attorneys build professional relationships with other attorneys and leverage their existing professional relationships. The admittedly large number of US attorneys pales in comparison to the global audience who are interested in their activities and from whose attention the network would […]

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