Christopher Knight is hacked off: Viacom took a video that I had made for non-profit purposes [and posted on YouTube] and without trying to acquire my permission, used it in a for-profit broadcast. And then when I made a YouTube clip of what they did with my material, they charged me with copyright infringement and […]

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Even bigots and boors have contractual rights (in good old Blighty)

Contracts again. Apparently it’s OK in the US to lie through your teeth to induce someone to sign a contract. Here in the UK it’s just not cricket. [Borat] is described as “a documentary-style film” that the producer “hopes to reach a young adult audience using entertaining content and formats”. Clause four states that the […]

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Opening up a new Vista

Computer lawyer Mark Rasch analyses Microsoft’s end user licence agreement (EULA) for the new Vista operating system and finds the boys in Redmond ready to help themselves, leaving you weeping on the floor. The terms of the Vista EULA, like the current EULA related to the “Windows Genuine Advantage,” allows Microsoft to unilaterally decide that […]

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