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BabyBarista lucks out

By Nick Holmes on July 2, 2010

Tim Kevan is on a roll. BabyBarista now has a tenancy at the Guardian in their new Law section. Congrats Tim! He’s suitably nice about the Grauniad: I’m really delighted to be joining the Guardian at such an exciting time (…)

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Way to go Law Society Gazette

By Nick Holmes on November 7, 2008

Must have been asleep or too busy these last few months to notice that the Law Society Gazette has morphed into a wonderful site: Online the Gazette is as radically changed [as the print edition], with all sections of the (…)

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Monitoring LexMonitor

By Nick Holmes on June 25, 2008

There has been a fair amount of comment on LexMonitor, Lexblog’s law blog aggregation service in the last few days since its soft launch. Aside from straightforward reports of its launch and what it is, there have been some who (…)

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Law news – benchmark sites

By Nick Holmes on May 12, 2008

Following my last post on law firm newsletters having to compete with the best online law news services, it’s worth pointing to two law news sites who fortuitously received gongs last week as the very best in their respective industries: (…)

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One more glass of Rioja, please

By Nick Holmes on April 18, 2008

(The continuing adventures of Mike Semple Piggot) From before sparrow’s fart till late into the night Mike SP beavers away producing and publishing news, comment and analysis for our enjoyment and edification. He’s recently rearranged his furniture, and to help (…)

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Keeping company

By Nick Holmes on December 17, 2007

Company Law Forum from LexisNexis is the first attempt at a substantial Web 2.0 site from a mainstream law publisher. It is intended to provide an environment for the legal and business community to share insights and discuss company law-related (…)

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SCL site revamp

By Nick Holmes on August 9, 2006

The Society for Computers and Law has quietly released a redesigned site, with the full PRrazzmatazz to follow, presumably when members are back fromhols. (I understand this is called a”soft” launch in marketing circles.) I prefer the cleaner, more conventional (…)

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By Nick Holmes on June 15, 2006

InsideoutLegal is an innovative new web servicefrom Richard Best (of PharmaBlawg fame) making the most of all new technologies. InsideoutLegal enables inside counsel to benefit from the legal and practical knowledge that outside counsel choose to share with them, whether (…)

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Co-operation and community

By Nick Holmes on May 19, 2006

Thanks to Robert Ambrogi for pointing me to two nascent, but nevertheless significant, new US sites: Wiki-Law‘s mission is “to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable world-wide legal guide and resource”. Unlike most wikis I’ve seen, this is not (…)

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What is law?

By Nick Holmes on May 12, 2006

The Webby Awards are the equivalent of the Oscars for websites, honouring excellence in web design, creativity, usability and functionality. They are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. This year the Academy’s award in the Law (…)

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Web firsts for Murray Stable

By Nick Holmes on February 8, 2006

The Murray Stable is one of only two of the 11 stables of advocates (forming Faculty Services Limited, the service company of the Scottish bar) to have its own website. Formed in 1991, with 11 QCs and 40 junior counsel, (…)

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Family law 24/7

By Nick Holmes on March 10, 2005

An online information and training service for family lawyers, Family Law Week, was launched this week. It provides free access for registered users to latest news, case summaries and transcripts, details of legislative changes and commentary and guidance. Only the (…)

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Intellectual property: the key to business success

By Nick Holmes on February 11, 2005

The Key is a site managed by the Patent Office as part of a campaign to make businesses more aware of the benefits of protecting their intellectual assets and to prevent them incurring unnecessary costs. The campaign is supported by (…)

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Advice Services Alliance

By Nick Holmes on November 19, 2004

The Advice Services Alliance is the umbrella body for independent advice services in the UK. Members are national networks of not-for-profit organisations providing advice and help on the law, access to services and related issues, including adviceuk, Age Concern England, (…)

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Homeless Pages

By Nick Holmes on September 8, 2004

Every now and then I come across a site whose appeal is immediate and its utility obvious. Homeless Pages is one such. It is a library of over 1,400 information resources about homelessness and related issues, with information about reports, (…)

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