Keeping company

Company Law Forum from LexisNexis is the first attempt at a substantial Web 2.0 site from a mainstream law publisher. It is intended to provide an environment for the legal and business community to share insights and discuss company law-related issues.

It is free to access; registration entitles you to create a profile, publish opinions, ask questions in the forum, answer forum questions, comment on opinions, comment on and rate news, and message other users.

There are substantive articles on company law topics together with frequent news items and opinions.

There will also be news and current awareness headline feeds shortly.

Given the detail of its functionality, it looks like this is LexisNexis’ pilot for a range of similar services.

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  1. Nick,

    Thanks for this, I was aware of this site before today but had never had a chance to look at it before now. Have a look at my blog for my thoughts.


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