WikiCrimeLine is a new project, set up as part of the CrimeLine family of free updating materials. Publisher and WikiCrimeLine Administrator Andrew Keogh says:

I wish to take CrimeLine one step further and gather up the extensive knowledge base that exists with our almost 8,000 members. This is your unique opportunity to share your knowledge of the criminal justice system with others, for the greater public good.

The challenge to start a project like this was laid down by Professor Susskind in a speech given to The Society for Computers and Law [see earlier post] – I am sure that we can rise to it!

It is but a week old, with only a few contributors so far. But at least someone is giving it a go. Good luck.

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website that allows users to add content and also allows anyone to edit the content using a standard web browser. The word also refers to the collaborative software used to create such a website. The name is based on the Hawaiian term wiki wiki, meaning “quick” or “super-fast”. The most ambitious wiki project to date is Wikipedia, a free encyclopaedia in over 50 languages (with currently over 1 million articles in English).

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  1. Thank you for mentioning WikiCrimeLine, visitors will now see a substantial amount of new content, and the site is beginning to show what can be achieved by a project of this type.

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