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Legal Week now has a trio of blogs with the addition of Legal Village. This is a collection of short articles by high-profile names. Active contributors thus far, with one post each, are: Bill Knight, Master of the City Solicitors’ Livery Company; Charles Martin, Head of Macfarlanes; Fiona Woolf, President of the Law Society of England and Wales; Ted Greeno, Partner, Herbert Smith; and Nigel Savage, Chief Executive, College of Law. A dozen more names are pencilled in.

The idea it seems is that each will develop a mini-blog, commenting on their particular niche; the sort of group blog favoured by the national news media. Will they find the time?

Legal Week has also launched the Legal Week Wiki which stretches the meaning of the term somewhat. It’s a set of profiles of leading law firms to which insiders (but also, presumably, others) can contribute by way of comments, which are then edited and published under standard headings.

The new-look Legal Week site also features other Community sections where you can have your say by way of comments.

6 thoughts on “The Legal Week community

  1. Corporate Blawg has left a comment for Charles Martin on Legal Village, who claims to have the first blog on corporate, M&A and private equity.

    Corporate Blawg pointed out, politely, that Corporate Blawg was the first. Not that it really matters.

    Corporate Blawg awaits to see if Legal Week publishes his comment.

    Also, in his Blog, Charlie says:

    “Lots to cover here but, most topically, let me report that frustration is building in private equity land. No, it’s not just about the chronic shortage of £5m-plus homes in central London or the long waiting list for Aston Martin V8 Vantage convertibles. ”

    Smug twat.

  2. Corporate Blawg… I assume you are not, now, signing your posts ‘smug twat’ !

    Waiting lists for Aton Martins indeed!

    I had a Ferrari years ago – undriveable in London – sold it and have ridden motorbikes since. Now addicted – and much cheaper to buy and run.

  3. “Especially since my comment on Legal Village has not yet appeared.”

    I rather think the same fate awaits those commenting adversely on their faux Wiki.

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