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By Nick Holmes on October 18, 2006
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We talk a lot about public blogs and wikis, so it’s good to get a report of the benefits and potential of their use internally within a large law firm.

In the latest issue of Legal Technology Journal from Legalease (print on paper), Ruth Ward, head of knowledge sytems and development at Allen & Overy, writes about A&O’s experience of developing and using blogs and wikis.

A&O has found [wikis] to be extremely useful tools for project and event management, for conducting surveys and producing reports. …

A&O has focused more on the use of blogs within specific internal work communities. The firm has a standard site template, which comprises both a group blog and wiki pages. …

the ease of use and set-up of blog and wiki technology speaks very powerfully to people who have a desire to communicate, share information or knowledge, or work collaboratively. …

Now seems to be the right time for social software, certainly within A&O, where there is a desire to embrace a more open and collaborative approach to all levels of management, and reflect that in the firm’s internal interactions and communications.

The fact that this study relates to use within a firm should not detract from the main message: with blogs, wikis and other “social media” you can easily and effectively communicate, share information or knowledge, and work collaboratively with others. For most of us the world is our oyster.