European Union: UK Office of the European Parliament election website

The European Parliament’s office in the UK exists to provide information to the public, the media, government, regional agencies and the business community about the role and activities of the Parliament itself and the European Union more generally. It arranges briefings and seminars, participates in exhibitions, responds to enquiries, facilitates contacts with MEPs, provides speakers, and produces and distributes a range of publications and videos. It maintains a library and reading room which are open to the public.

If you are curious or just plain baffled about the European elections due to be held in June 2004, you can learn more at a web site launched by the UK office of the European Parliament: Europe Counts. The site includes lists of candidates for each constituency, an EU jargon buster, and a reminder-to-vote service, as well as a game allowing visitors to test their knowledge in a trivia quiz.

UK Office of the European Parliament

Europe Counts