Day: May 17, 2004

European Union: UK Office of the European Parliament election website

The European Parliament’s office in the UK exists to provide information to the public, the media, government, regional agencies and the business community about the role and activities of the Parliament itself and the European Union more generally. It arranges briefings and seminars, participates in exhibitions, responds to enquiries, facilitates contacts with MEPs, provides speakers, […]

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European Union: Euro-Archives

Since it was decided to launch a single currency in Europe, numerous internet sites dealing with the euro have been set up by individuals, institutions, companies, etc. In order to keep this internet memory of the euro alive, the Directorate General Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission has decided to store all these […]

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Civil Procedure: European co-operation

The European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters contains a large quantity of information about the Member States, Community law, European law and various aspects of civil and commercial law. The European Judicial Atlas in Civil Matters provides access to information relevant on judicial co-operation in civil matters. Includes names and addresses of all […]

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