Another faux trainee blog

By Nick Holmes on February 7, 2007
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This time from Winckworth Sherwood.

In its loosest sense a blog is simply an online diary with posts presented in reverse chronological order. On this definition, this is a blog. So why do I take issue? Because 55 million bloggers define a blog as much more than this and you do yourself no favours by pretending you have what you have not.

It is, frankly, embarrassing that well-paid marketing people should suggest to the firm that such a page be called a blog; it is even more embarrassing that the firm should go along with this. tellingly describes it as “very voguish“. also has something to say about it, but I know not what.

One comment

Nick… the link to 55 million bloggers does not work – wonderfully ironic.

I am grateful for the ‘discovery’ of yet another aw firm with a ‘trainee blog’ – why do they do it?

As always… Charon is a bit baffled by these things – but Matt Muttley is interested.

by Charon QC on 8 February 2007 at 12:31 am. #