All Blogs at the barcouncil (sic)

Thanks to the vigilant Charon QC for first spotting that the Bar Council has a blog on its new-look website. That’s to be welcomed; the more conversation the merrier, I say. But I do think the launch of a new blog by such a high profile “corporate” should have been handled with a little more care. The rest of us can afford to just start blogging and iron out the wrinkles as we go along, but the BC should have elicited a bit more editorial feedback before exposing the blog to the masses. We bloggers are a critical lot and news travels fast. They would have been told, for example, that it is not a great idea to entitle your blog “All Blogs”; that the description “All the Blogs at the barcouncil are displayed here” is a tad naff and also contains a significant error; that “powered by [Bar Council logo]” is a bit of a howler; and that the commenting doesn’t work. These things matter.

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