Extended family

Quite a gaggle of family law blogs now.

Joining the established Family Lore from John Bolch (note the new URL) and DivorceSolicitor from Lynne Bastow, we now have:

Bloody Relations from barrister Jacqui Gilliatt who specialises in family and education law (“Where there’s a relative there’s a bloody good argument to be had.”)

Family Law Matters from Jo Spain, partner at Spain Williams llp, a specialist family law practice, who provides articles, information and news on family law.

The latter is of interest because it’s an example of the blog used as a primary web presence: ie this is the firm’s website, maintained with the blogging service TypePad, with the usual static pages and the Family Law Matters blog as a feature. For a small, niche practice, why have an indifferent, static, custom website, when you can use a blog service to do the job more easily and more effectively?

4 thoughts on “Extended family

  1. Hi, just thought i’d mention another blog that’s up and running. Judith’s Divorce Blog.

    Written by Judith Middleton, a partner at Latimer Hinks of Darlington, the blog “comprises reflections and emotions associated with divorce as perceived by an experienced divorce practitioner but perhaps presented from a slightly different angle”.

    Many thanks to Bloody Relations and Family Lore for praising the blog

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