Facebook – law firm workplace networks

Following up on Kevin O’Keefe’s post on AmLaw 200 firms using Facebook (source Doug Cornelius), I did a quick trawl on Facebook for the top UK legal firms’ workplace networks. Figures are: Linklaters (with 895 members), Allen & Overy (846), Baker & McKenzie (669) and DLA Piper (623). Only these four of the top 20 appear to have networks.

2 thoughts on “Facebook – law firm workplace networks

  1. A bit of a delayed response – I saw this in someone’s del.icio.us favourites.

    It is not significant that only four of the top 20 firms have Facebook networks. Facebook controls the creation of networks, and it is not clear how readily they do so. I have asked for one for my firm (in the top 20, and with nearly 100 Facebook users), but nothing has happened so far.

  2. Mark, I think the “only” is significant. As you point out (and I surmised), Facebook controls the creation of networks: does anyone know what their criteria are? Is there some communication between Facebook and “employer” asking for approval?

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