Simply the best

I have been tagged by Charon QC to name 10 blawgs I consider the best, continuing the meme started by the editor of Blawg Review.

As most involved have said, this is difficult. There are several blogs I do not follow closely, being outside my main sphere of interest, but which I recognise as top quality for one reason or another. Equally, there are some that I do follow closely which are best for my purposes but probably not best in the broader scheme of things. Another conundrum is that if I am not to repeat the blogs already mentioned, even those with less advanced mathematical skills will see that this meme will run out of steam pdq.

So, first, let me say that I concur with many in Charon’s list; and next I give you just 6 top legal info and legal web marketing blogs. You’ll find these in my blogroll – it’s what blogrolls are for.


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