Holmes way bigger than Charon

5 thoughts on “Holmes way bigger than Charon

  1. Actually, Holmes will not disappear. Last exploded (when discovered) in 1892. So, let me see, at least 45,000 bottles of Rioja later will Charon still be there like Holmes?

  2. Let me see if I’ve got this right.

    Holmes has very intermittent and unexpected flashes of brilliance, due to spectacular moments of self destruction, while Charon’s orbit is ‘slightly eccentric’ and it is not made of the same material as the dwarf planet that it orbits.

    Shome mishtake, surely

  3. No, it won’t disappear, but will disappear from view, once it’s burnt out. Still, at least there may be periodic ‘flashes of brilliance’ along the way! As for Charon, you may be ‘slightly eccentric’, but you’ll always be visible, at least with a powerful telescope!

    All of which is more than can be said for (most of) the rest of us…

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