Jordan Hatcher has set up IPITevents to “fill a problem” –

how to easily keep track of upcoming intellectual property and information technology conferences, events, and CPDs in the UK. As a busy academic lawyer, I found that while there were a few UK blogs and sites that regularly posted interesting events, I either had to subscribe to lots of irrelevant content to find out about one occasional event, or that I missed out on attending an event because it was posted too close to the event time for me to schedule around it properly. And since I couldn’t find a service I liked enough, I decided to create my own.

So this, the beta version of IPIT Events is the tool I was looking for to keep up with upcoming conferences and events. I hope that you find it useful too.

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  1. Thanks for the comments lo-fi and Jim and for the link Nick! I agree that a news feed could be a good addition moving forward. If I did it, I’d like it to be a free news service, but I’d have to investigate the time it’d take versus the ROI. I’ll definitely look into it though…

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