Cool legal info tools

A roundup of recent legal info tools that have come to my attention but not been blogged yet:

law.librarians is a group blog set up by lo-fi librarian:

A bit of an experiment really. The template for this blog is called Prologue and it lets you (once you are logged in) blog in a Twitter-like fashion. I thought it would be pretty interesting to try it out with other law librarian bloggers. So far it’s a bit of a link blog, sharing resources and news, that sort of thing.

There are already 14 well-known librarians on board as contributors twittering madly. Looks like they’re having fun … and getting some useful work done.

Thanks too to lo-fi for spotting that Wildys now produce RSS feeds for new titles by subject category and also in aggregate.

Blackwell Online also provide feeds of new and forthcoming titles by broad subject including Law.

(Once again, publishers, if you produce your own feeds …)

And yet again thanks to lo-fi for neatly collating info and pretty pics of law and related podcasts.

So, it’s time for a new Podcasts section in infolaw Lawfinder.

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