Corruption 2.0

Corruption 2.0: The Next Problem Technology Must Solve was the title of Larry Lessig’s SCL 2008 Lecture last night. But, not to disappoint the largely IT/IP law-interested audience, in the event it was a distillation of his arguments about regulation and specifically copyright regulation in Code, The Future of Ideas and Free Culture with Corruption 2.0 exemplified in that context (members of Congress “lean to the green[back]”) .

As expected, it was engaging stuff, extremely well presented; the best thing about the supporting iMac slide show was that there was not a single bullet point in sight – instead a stream of keywords and phrases punctuated by “XML” section tags and illustrated with plenty of CC and not-so-CC images and multi-media mixes. Who would have thought the law could be that fun?


SCL audio (mp3)


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  1. yes, law is fun apparently. I thought he was amazing, and testament to his abilities as a speaker – he didn’t lose me once.

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