All blawgers should tweet

Here’s a proposition: all blawgers not yet on Twitter should tweet … starting now. Don’t hang about.

Why? Let’s not get hung up analysing the possible benefits. If you’re a blawger, you’re already part-persuaded. Twitter is another communication channel / networking tool that’s worth trying. And the more who try, the quicker we’ll realise the potential benefits for the lawyering community.

So, set up an account on Twitter now and follow a handful of others. For some suggestions, try me and those I follow, law.librarian contributors and Legal Voices.

Then tweet a bit: post some thoughts, reply to some who you follow. See what happens.

Plus – important – pipe your blog feed into your account using Twitterfeed. That way every time you post to your blog, the title plus optional excerpt plus link is posted to your account. That’s good for your blog readers who are on Twitter and good for exposing your blog to new readers.

PS. I promise not to twitter on incessantly about Twitter, but with the bit between my teeth, expect a few more in the short term

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