Law tweeting proposition 2

Excellent response to my call to arms for blawgers to start tweeting. First up were John Bolch, Nearly Legal, Usefully Employed, LawMinx and Charon QC.

So now for my next proposition: pipe us the best feeds in your area of legal interest. Here’s how:

Set up a new Twitter account with a meaningful username like xxxlaw. The land grab for Twitter usernames like these is not yet under way, so you should be able to nab your preferred one. You will need to have a usable alternative email address for the account as an email can only be used for one account. Be sure also to use other appropriate keywords in the “bio” for the account.

Pipe into this account using Twitterfeed the best law news feeds in your subject area. I’d restrict it to just three or four; more may be overkill. But it’s up entirely to you of course.

Now follow it yourself and promote it to others. A stream of useful news will now intersperse the social tweets you follow.

For general law news, follow my lawtweets.

10 thoughts on “Law tweeting proposition 2

  1. Hmm. I’ve already got just about all housing law feeds (and some self created page scraping feeds) running into a yahoo pipe (a la your family law pipe). Could I put the resulting feed into twitterfeed and so forth? Why not – I’ll have a play this evening. Assuming twitter is actually up, which right now, it isn’t. That would be a use for it – although of limited potential take up at the moment I’d guess.

  2. @Nearly Legal You could I’m sure feed your YP into Twitter, but that would be overkill don’t you think. I’d say compile a more selective compendium based on relevance, immediacy and impact and total items per day in aggregate.

  3. Not sure – the feed isn’t high traffic – 3 or 4 items most days, but one source does tend to dump 10 or so items in at once.

    Yep, I’ll do a low output targetted version

  4. NL Not exactly sure what you’re asking. A user will see replies according to their Settings preferences. If they follow @housinglaw and someone they follow replies to @housinglaw, they will see that by default. If setting is changed to all, they will see all replies to @housinglaw (er … I think)

  5. Nick, prefixes sorted.

    I’m not sure how the see all would work either for @housinglaw. If it is just pre-existng friends, then maybe less useful – less of a clearing house, if you see what I mean.

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