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Alex Wade in Times Online looks at blawging: “only a handful of legal practitioners maintain blogs”.

No way! Sure only a handful of law firms maintain firm-branded blogs, but as we on Binary Law all know, maybe half the hundreds of UK blawgs out there are by practitioners; and let’s not forget to mention the academics, pupils and others in the legal world who are blogging good stuff. Go make your case.

12 thoughts on “Behind the times

  1. Not much different over here… *very* common for reporters to look at the top law firm websites, see zero links to firm sponsored blogs, and make the broad assumption that no one is blogging.

    And then sometimes they get it right too…

  2. Not only that, but the reporter’s list of the ‘Best of the Blogs’ includes one, Law and Tax, that has not been updated since 8th February 2007, and only has a handful of entries overall.

    Someone clearly hasn’t done their homework.

  3. Excellently shoddy article – minimal research… perhaps Wade could not be bothered to Wade through blogrolls…. it matters not… we know we are blogging… mind you, I really must try to address the issue of shoehorning a bit more law in – but at least my podcasts are vaguely sensible!

    The question is…. was Geeklawyer involved in this!

    A good bank holiday weekend to one and all.

    I shall, of course, be cancelling my subscription to The Times :-)

  4. The article`s persistent inaccuracies which have been chronicled in many of the posts before mine, quickly leads the more informed reader to give up altogether on reading the rest of it! Pity that the less informed readers will actually think that this is a reflection of the true state of play in the online world. Let`s hope that the next article on this topic will be based on solid and cogent research… Here is hoping!

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