Catching up

Been away on protracted hols. Quite possible to have kept posting of course, but did not have the inclination. Had I done so, here’s a few things I might have posted about:

Martindale-Hubbell Connected

In July Robert Ambroggi took an exclusive first look. It’s now out in public beta. Will this fly or crash?

The rise of Twitter for lawyers

Adrian Lurssen on JD Supra posted a list of 145 Lawyers (and Legal Professionals) to Follow on Twitter; the list has now grown to 250. Kevin O’Keefe has also been posting a lot about lawyers’ use of Twitter. So we’re now in the talking it up phase; as to how usesful a tool it will turn out to be, the jury will be out for some time longer.

Information Overlord goes RSS crazy

Scott Vine posted an impressive list of links for UK Central government departments, executive agencies and non-departmental public bodies with rss feeds and he’s followed it up with similar for several other European countries. Must be some kind of masochist.

The FindLaw gaming Google game

There’s been plenty more on this. An indifferent article on sums up, but Kevin O’Keefe continues to be the man on the case.

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