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I’ve mentioned Feedity before – a natty feed generator which will scrape a web page and deliver a feed based on the linked list(s) it finds there. It usually returns some unwanted links too, but you can then tweek the feed to deliver just the main items.

Since last I wrote, Feedity has moved to a paid model for anything over and above use in a personal feed reader.

I’ve just used Feedity to generate a feed from Times Law Reports since they don’t produce one themselves. I checked their T&C’s when doing this. They refer to using Times “content” and as these are just headlines linked to their site, I feel OK about it, though expect a take down notice soon! I’ve also piped the feed into my lawtweets Twitter account. Having done that I’d better pay Feedity $39.

Another feed you may find useful is the Justis Alert for Latest cases from WLR. You need to be a Justis WLR subscriber to access the reports themselves. However, in addition to the linked case name, the feed does deliver the keywords and WLR cite in the description.

These and more feeds are aggregated in my Lawfeeder.

4 thoughts on “exCiting Times

  1. Could Yahoo Pipes be used to achieve the same outcome, without the $39 charge? Haven’t checked their terms, but I believe Pipes is free to use.

  2. I’ll check out Yahoo Pipes again, but I think you need a structured data source as input – an HTML page won’t do. And I’m more than happy to pay $39 p.a. for a tool that does the business with less effort.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I’ve used Feedity before and was totally impressed with its ease of use. The feed results varied from site to site, but overall it was very beneficial.

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