Hard times?

A personal opinion from a “usually tetchy but recently quite chipper old buzzard” on how the recession is affecting the legal world:

  • Personal Injury – times have never been better
  • Housing Law – good times!
  • Divorce – quiet time of year, but come January, credit crunch or no, its open season
  • Wills and Probate – dead as a dodo
  • Employment Law – busy as hell
  • Commercial Law – mergers, acquisitions, partnerships aplenty
  • Insolvency – booming sector
  • Conveyancing – pity the poor sods … this is as bad as anyone can remember

2 thoughts on “Hard times?

  1. Estate Planning and Wills are always a last priority in good times or bad, but it is sad that people are more likely to persue a personal injury claim or attempt to write off a loan as mis sold rather than plan their families future.


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