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I really enjoyed your post. I will have to come back again to read some more of them.

Dear Sharon

I’m so pleased you not only visited my blog but took the time and trouble to comment so incisively. I’m sure all my readers are keen to know about irrelevant Denver Personal Injury Law so I’ve prepared this special post to point them to you and also to ensure that all those Googling clueless Denver Personal Injury Lawyer will benefit similarly.

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PS. Your site is terrific. When I have an accident in Denver I’ll definitely visit again.

14 thoughts on “Lawyer comment spam

  1. Great post Nick – will definitely be back to read some more ;-) Needed some entertainment after a rubbish day today and that was just the ticket.

  2. Thanks!
    This was a great post that you wrote and very informative. Thanks for the effort you put into it, I will bookmark your site and come back!

  3. Aargh. I’ve been getting a swarm of these ‘personal injury lawyers’ from various states. I haven’t even bothered to check the sites before binning them, but I suspect they aren’t actually firms, just some google ad collecting spam site.

    Luckily Askimet calls them for what they are…

  4. yea, sharon, not so much. a linkdiagnosis scan on the site will reveal that “tracey” is learning SEO. give her a break, will ya ;)

  5. Aha – had a couple of those too – but stripped out the link before letting them up, so there was no identifier for the ‘lovely firm’ at all. I’ll delete the comments now.

  6. Here’s a more sophisticated example – but spam no less (the post had nothing to do with divorce):

    quick divorce | | | IP:

    In some countries, divorce is more common than marriage. That’s the sd thruth. And the state of the union is that every day more and more people are getting divorced.

    This is now more than a communication problem. It’s an epidemia. The only solution is professional help and the sincere desire to make things work.

  7. Nice one Nick. Good laugh. Sick of all the ridiculous stuff that I used to read. Fair play to you for replying i just bin them now. have to bookmark this site as I will b back….

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