Rivers of …

Rest in Peace, RSS – flame bait from Steve Gillmor.

It’s time to get completely off RSS and switch to Twitter. RSS just doesn’t cut it anymore. The River of News has become the East River of news, which means it’s not worth swimming in if you get my drift.

Twitter is a sucker’s game that only serves the needs of a tiny elite – flame bait from Seth Finkelstein.

Twitter is low-level celebrity for the chattering class. And the pathologies of celebrity are all on display, including the exploitative industries that prey on the human desire to be heard and noticed. My answer to Twitter’s slogan of “What are you doing?” is: “Not playing a sucker’s game.”

RSS is dead? My ass… by Dave Winer – he should know.

Mick Jagger didn’t say Muddy Waters or Chuck Berry are dead. He loved those guys. Their work lived on in his music, and he was good to them. It’s time for the tech biz to learn about love, Steve. Open your heart and sing happy birthday to RSS. It’s been very good to you. You should be good to RSS, though god knows most of the icons of tech have been really unappreciative at the gifts RSS brought them. It’s really sad what grumpy pissy jerks these guys are.

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  1. Well, I certainly have gotten flamed for it – but I also deep and truly believe what I wrote.
    (n.b. I know it’s possible to chat – and there’s been no shortage of people telling me that, but it wasn’t the point of my column).

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