Social meejah – just for kids?

Head on over to Stem where Jordan Furlong is penning a series of posts on Social Media for Lawyers.

He kicked off with Facebook for law firms.

And has followed that up with Twitter for law firms.

These look at how law firms can use social media effectively to promote the firm. No journalistic hype or platitudes here: Jordan brings a wealth of experience to bear.

2 thoughts on “Social meejah – just for kids?

  1. We’re solicitors in Sutton Coldfield and we’re interested in both Facebook and Twitter.

    We have been using both for nearly a year now and have connected them up to blog posts via the Posterous platform which does seem to have increased our backlink count significantly.

    Thanks for the great article – it is good to know as much as possible to kepp abreast of things that can benefit visibility in our business!

  2. Hi Nick,

    I wrote to you a while back on your infolaw site and you very kindly put a link to our solicitors site on there. I have now just discovered this site and think that it is great. I will certainly be frequenting on a regular basis!

    Our site is relatively new and we are trying to branch into social networking. We are on Twitter and Facebook, but still trying to grasp how to make use of it!

    We are developing our site every day, and although it is early days our aim is to give maximum information to people about the areas of law that we cover. They will then have an understanding in layman’s terms of the problems that they face and how to deal with them or how we can help them. I think so often solicitors have a reputation of being quite intimidating…(For the record, I am not a Solicitor.)

    From my limited understanding, I see that writing blogs and tweeting about relevant topics is effective promotion for law firms, but it also, importantly, gives people the information that they need.

    The links you have given are great and give some really useful information. Thank you.

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