The hype cycle


Apropos my social meeja blues I consulted the web. Turns out I can plot my disillusionment on Gartner’s hype cycle representing the maturity, adoption and social application of specific technologies.

Gartner now reckons microblogging is somewhat past the peak of inflated expectations and heading rapidly towards the trough of disillusionment, whereas “consumer-generated media” (do they mean blogs or are they lumping it all together?) has already troughed. So some way to go before the situation normalises and we reach the idyllic plateau of productivity. Watcha think?

Update: There’s a section of the report specifically on social media.The graph for that puts blogging on the plateau. Actually I think it’s been there for some time.

2 thoughts on “The hype cycle

  1. A good couple of posts, Nick. I suppose social meeja blues might be thought of as a kind of fin de siecle malaise, the upside of which is that new shit is coming that (even) we can’t quite imagine. But whatever it is, it’s affecting me too. I figure that once lawyers start to get into the game, it’s really a tubercular donkey.

    So here I am, an antedeluvian blogger, with a strong sense that blogs are already zombies and that microblogging is really only announcements and nonsense, casting about for the next “thing.” Can’t say I see what’s coming that might pick me up, alas, and neither am I prepared to fit myself with a “computer-brain interface” or hop on to an “autonomous vehicle.”

    Let’s invent something.

  2. Simon – Welcome to my humble blog. You did invent something over on Slaw. It’s a multi-headed blog that lives and breathes like so many blogs don’t. I wouldn’t worry about inventing anything new just yet. Just enjoy the surf.

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