Too many #LawBlogs ?

In the run up to the next #LawBlogs meet there have been a few pertinent posts about the state of the blawgosphere.

John Bolch asks Has blawging become “establishment”? Well, yes, John, everyone’s at it now – blogging is normal.

Lucy Reed of Pink Tape comments on the recent explosion of blawgs in Legal Blogging Goes Boom!:

Blogging is in all honesty a little bit of a vanity project for all of us (deny it if you like but it’s true), but it is dull, pointless and blah if that’s all it’s about. There are some “blogs” which are transparently no more than adverts (blahdverts?), and which offer little of interest. But there are still lots of really excellent writers out there, and more each day. It’s just a question of sifting through the dross.

I have confidence that the good blawgs will keep rising to the top (being talked about) and the average but worthy ones will also get some recognition; as to the bland me-too and marketing blawgs, I accept their right to exist, and even that they might have a role to play, but they’re not going to appear on my radar and I’m not going to lose sleep worrying that they are polluting the blawgosphere.

Not quite on topic but kinda related is Brian Inkster’s post Do Clients search for a Lawyer?.

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