Hi there, [well, hello!]

I hope you are well and are having a good week. [you care?]

I’m contacting you from xxx, a content agency based in xxx. [content? uh oh!]

We came across your site and we really like it [well, thanks!] and in fact we work with a number of clients that would be a great match with the content and style of your site. [we have some vaguely relevant sites we’d like you to promote] We’re more than happy for you to provide us with a title you think will match your audience or we can send you a few ideas to choose from and either you or we can produce the content. [we want to put some drivel on your website with links to our clients]

Happy to discuss ways we can make this all happen and any ideas you may have, [we’re not actually saying we want to buy contextual links on your site as goog would not be happy] and hope we can work together moving forward. [nevertheless, we know you can read between the lines and hope you will be willing to prostitute your site]

Looking forward to your response. [see above]

Thanks, [don’t mention it]


Outreach Executive [give me a break!]

Image: Social Media Marketing University who I assume are more than happy that I’m helping them reach out; if not, just tell me and I’ll link to someone else

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