Day: February 8, 2008

The Big Switch

More scary stuff. Just 100 years ago larger businesses generated their own electricity. The subsequent development of the electricity grid, delivering electricity as a commodity, profoundly changed business and society. In the same way, argues Nick Carr in The Big Switch, computer utilities will replace in-house facilities and business and society will be transformed again […]

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Better than free

David Tebbutt at IWR neatly summarises a hypothesis from Kevin Kelly that in the digital age anything that can be copied and distributed for free becomes worthless and that therefore value resides only in associated non-copyable attributes. Kevin categorises these attributes as: immediacy, personalisation, interpretation, authenticity, accessibility, embodiment (a non-digital representation, eg a book or […]

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Exposing the social graph

With the launch last week of Google’s Social Graph API we can finally start to visualise the “social graph” – the connections between people on the web. It is only relatively recently that the relationships between people have been declared explicitly on the web – on social networking sites and publicly via open standards such […]

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